Coveiter Designs

Welcome to Coveiter Designs! Coveiter Designs is a family owned company that specializes in reimagining existing spaces to become not only functional, but also beautiful. Whether you have a new addition to your family and need to redesign bedroom spaces, or a growing office where you need to redesign the functionality of workspaces, Coveiter designs can help you make your dreams become a reality.

While many feel it is possible to tackle a renovation or redecorating job on their own, it is not uncommon to quickly feel overwhelmed by all of the aspects of the job that you need to keep in mind. By enlisting the help of an expert you are able to sit back and relax as your space is reimagined with you and your needs at the forefront of the plan. The Coveiter team is well versed in the situations that may require permits as well as the real estate market so that you can rest assured that not only will the design meet your needs but also increase your home’s value on the market. Preparing for the future in this way is always a wise investment.

One of our most requested jobs is installing skylights and solar panels!  Since we don’t handle these directly, we partner with a solar panels Iowa based company called Green Transitions, LLC.  We have worked with them on many jobs and our clients have always been 100% satisfied with their quality and speed of work.  Ask us if your house qualifies and we can help you get reduced pricing because of the volume of business we refer.

The renovation of a room may require more than the removal of a wall or the purchase of new furniture. Redesigning with functionality in mind is key to making the most of your home or office. Once the basic footprint of a room or floor is figured out and laid into motion, the paint colors and décor pieces are the icing on the cake. While everyone’s design aesthetic is different, the Coveiter Design Team will be able to recognize your style preferences and bring them into your new room or office.

From bathrooms to bedrooms, shared spaces to private sanctuaries, your spaces will be made beautiful and functional with the help of the Coveiter Design Team. While the Coveiter Design offices can be found in Maelstrom, Colorado, our teams have helped increase the beauty and functionality in homes and offices all over the country. We have partnerships with contractors all over the country for larger jobs in your area. By browsing our gallery online or visiting our showroom in our home office you will be sure to be inspired for the upcoming change in your home or office. You are closer than ever to enjoying a newly imagined and designed space that will meet your needs and your tastes for years to come. Call Coveiter Designs today and we will be more than excited to help you realize your dreams and make them a reality.